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Mobile pet grooming

More Wag, Less Bark

Hi pet lovers, my name is Kelly Jue. I've been grooming pets for 10 years, and have taken my passion on the road! I'm now serving the Fresno & Clovis area, and all neighboring cities.
I come to your home and groom your pets in my mobile grooming salon. No need to stop what you are doing, drive to your grooming facility, drop your pets off, only to have to return in 6 hours to pick them up. I come to you, and groom them right outside your home (typically in less than one hour)!
Your pets will appreciate the fact that they don't have to stay in any cages. I pay one-on-one attention to your pet for the grooming experience they need!


I start by giving your pet a complete and thorough brushing. This serves a couple of purposes:

  • releases loose and dead hair from your pet
  • stimulates the hair follicles to promote natural growth
  • massages and calms the pet down

Nail clipping

Next comes the nail clipping. Using advanced nail clippers, I’ll clip your pet’s nails as short as possible without any pain.

Bath and blow dry

Using a shampoo specifically designed for your pets needs, I’ll clean and massage your pet’s fur (come on, who doesn’t like a good massage?!). I follow this up with a good blow dry and final brushing to make sure the pet is dry finishing.

Haircut or trim

I also offer haircuts and trims for all breeds. Just let me know what style you’d like and I can make it happen!


Pricing is based on the type and size of your pet. Please use the form below to get an initial price estimate.

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